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Feel the stresses and strains of city life melt away on our Greek island retreat this summer- the perfect place to reset your health, restore energy and bring balance back to your body, mind & soul.



“Lafina is amazing to work with. She's helped me get to the bottom of my health issues and realise that it's never too late to improve your health. By assessing my lifestyle as well as my health she highlighted that a lot of my health issues were coming from stress and anxiety. Over the last 2 months I've realised that being conscious of and creating a buffer for stress reduces the impact it has on me. My brain gog has disappeared and I feel happier, healthier more productive and in control of my work-life balance than ever before.”
Eve P, Artist
1-2-1 Client
“Before I started working with Lafina I felt lost and very unhappy about where I was with my weight. Lafina understands what its like to be an entrepreneur in property and how stress levels affect your eating patterns. She showed me how to eat differently and healthy and how to stay full, by eating the right foods and giving your body the right nutrition. In 5 months I’ve lost 12 kilos, but I’ve learned it’s not about the number it’s about mindset and health. I feel like I’ve got a workable eating pattern,  I sleep better, I don’t suffer with acid reflux anymore and I’m down from a size 18 to a size 14, – what’s not to like! Thanks Lafina.”
Ruth Hobbs, Property Developer
1-2-1 Client
“After suffering for years with terrible poor work-life balance, fatigue and IBS I finally feel I'm getting somewhere. Lafina addresses health in every sense - body, mind and soul. She has helped me understand the link between my stress cycle, diet and gut health and between our weekly sessions and my new 'nature prescription' I really feel like I'm for once prioritising myself and getting my health back on track. I can't thank her enough.”
Hollie G, Digital Strategist
1-2-1 Client